Welcome to the Bamboo Chopstick! It all started in 1998, when Chef Steven H. Pham thought to himself, "Hey, I can cook tasty food... maybe I should open a restaurant..."

And so began the plans to create a brand new restaurant by hollowing out a unit in Sunny Hill Plaza, which was once part of the beauty salon, Elegant Looks, and before that, a darkroom.

The "do-it-yourself" attitude of Chef Steven, wife Lily, son Thanh, and daughters Thi and Thuy, proved that a limited budget can be overcome with the unlimited potential of the mind. Everything from the drainage, water, gas, and electric infrastructure was designed and built by the family.

Chef Steven then embarked on a journey to Vietnam and studied the ultimate form of cooking. After one month he battled the fiercest chefs from all over the country, and was proclaimed the greatest chef in Hanoi.*

In the fall of 2001, Bamboo Chopstick had it's Grand Opening. For a whole day, the family and some friends toiled to serve the masses of people who believed in the Bamboo Chopstick, the realization of the American Dream.

In 2003, we closed down to reinvent and rennovate in order to serve the best food we can, provide superior service and at the sametime streamline the process.

In retrospect, the Bamboo Chopstick doesn't really serve Vietnamese food. While the dishes are Vietnamese in origin, we have actually reinvented them to be quite American. In terms of taste, we believe it beats out traditional Vietnamese food so come on and try it yourself!

January 19, 2007... New look, next-gen designs and food. The Bamboo Chopstick is once again open for business!!

*This account may be fictional.
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